Seven Psychopaths

by Matt J. Popham

“I just really like the image of a bald, Vietnamese guy, dressed as a priest, and holding a .44 snubnose.” Martin McDonagh is the thinking man’s Quentin Tarantino. If IN BRUGES was his post-modern, neo-noir take on Beckett, this one does the same for Luigi Pirandello. Call it Seven Psychopaths in Search of an Author. But, perhaps more importantly, it’s also the story of an author in search of seven psychopaths, and it addresses the inherent perils and frustrations of looking for art – and meaning, and purpose, and peace, and love – in a world overflowing with absurdity and horror. A looser, less focused film than IN BRUGES, it is nonetheless profoundly entertaining from end to end, making good use of its cast and – unlike so many smug postmodern cinematic efforts – putting its winking cleverness, its self-reflexivity and pastiche to worthy intellectual ends…


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